караван и макси караван

Списoк цен 2018

Persons not included
Pets are not allowed

дaтa A
дaтa B
дaтa C
дaтa D
дaтa E
караван Adria - макс. 4-E люди
with WC - 1 car
€ 27.00
€ 32.00
€ 46.00
€ 48.00
€ 50.00
макси караван Jolly - макс. 4-E люди
with WC, hot shower, air conditioning - 1 car
€ 39.00
€ 54.00
€ 59.00
€ 64.00
€ 66.00
макси караван Perla - макс. 4-E люди
with WC, hot shower, air conditioning, microwaves oven - 1 car
€ 39.00
€ 55.00
€ 62.00
€ 65.00
€ 67.00
макси караван Zaffiro - макс. 5/6 люди
with WC, Hot shower, Conditioned air, Microwave oven - 1 car
€ 44.00
€ 67.00
€ 74.00
€ 79.00
€ 82.00
Prices per day
€ 5.10
€ 7.10
€ 8.90
€ 9.20
€ 10.50
Дети от 0-x до 2-x лет
Дети от 2-x до 10-x лет
€ 2.20
€ 5.10
€ 6.70
€ 7.20
€ 8.00
Пожилые mocлe 60-ти лет
€ 4.20
€ 6.60
€ 7.20
€ 7.70
€ 8.50


Tourist Tax: is not included € 0,45 per person

Prices are subject to variation without prior notification Prices in Euro (Vat 10% included).

Reception: 7:30/13:00 - 15:00/22:45

Cashdesk: 8:00/12:00 - 15:00/19:00

Camping Front connections

to/from Venice every 30 minutes

(BUS + FERRY - Public utility)

to/from JESOLO every 30 minutes

(BUS - Public utility)

Get coupons at reception.

Campsite Rules

Caravan and Maxi Caravan

Accomodation is only available from 3 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure. The accomodations must be left at departure perfectly in order. Final cleaning costs (Euro 40,00) are not included. If You stay minimum 14 days, final cleaning are free.
Accomodations are only rented minimum for three nights. The daily rate consists of the cost of the accommodation unit, including parking for one car, plus a charge per person (based on the number of guests occupying the unit). Reservations must be made by the persons who will be staying in the accomodation and are treated as firm bookings only upon receipt of the deposit requested by the Management, and of subsequent written confirmation. Reservation cost Euro 5,00.
Reservations may not be transferred to third parties without the written permission of Camping Silva. Guests will be charged for the entire period booked, even in the event of late arrival or early departure. In the case of his being unable to come at the fixed day, the Direction has the right to dispose otherwise of the booking (after 12.00 O’clock of the next day), without compensation for the deposit paid. In case of renunciation made by fax, letter or e-mail sent by recorded delivery within 30 days before the booking starts, the entire deposit paid will be reimbursed. In case of refund, the costs of the credit or/and delivery will be charged to the guest. No refunds will be paid to clients who cancel their bookings during the 30 days prior the start of the period booked, or who fail to arrive. Animals are not allowed.
The payment of the deposit is a full acceptance of the booking terms and conditions by the guest. You will be charged for any damage caused by negligence to the accomodations and its furnishings.

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